Posting Deafults

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Posting Deafults

Unread post by Milk » Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:07 pm

So i know Chicken Smoothie said they wouldn't allow this ever, but this isn't Chicken Smoothie, and imo CS rejects a lot of suggestions for incredibly dumb reasons, so
Ig i'll copy and paste this from CS because i'm too lazy to type anything
Since some people type out their posts in cute and creative patterns, i thought this'd be a really god idea. What if we had posting defaults? Like, every time you post your post would come out in a set way, kind of like how YouTube lets you use posting defaults for video names and descriptions.
Here's how it would work. You'd go to your settings and there would be a tab titled "Posting Defaults" or something like that. You'd press it and it would make your post turn out a certain way every time you post. For example, if you wanted your post to look like this:
pasta tastes real heccin' good
Then you'd go to your posting defaults and type that, then every time you post your post would come out like that.
I feel like this is already a feature since so many people post like this, but if it isn't lmk your thoughts on it!
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Re: Posting Deafults

Unread post by Oblivion » Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:06 am

i like this idea!
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