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Phrog Fics

Unread post by phrogtm » Fri Feb 12, 2021 4:35 pm

Hello hello

Uhhh i cant post art cus the pics are too big?? So I’ll just write fics and post them :')
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Re: dancing

Unread post by phrogtm » Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:19 pm

sorry it took so long for me to write something lmao
tw: junko enoshima, tragedy, blood (mild).

junko had a way of doing things, izuru realized.
most would call her unpredictable, disastrous, and a unbridled force of evil. and while most of what was said was true, even izuru could see the hidden routine junko loved to follow as she left the world to despair.

an example of this was that she always took him out to dance at 2pm, sharp.

he doesn’t know if there is a true reason, but no matter the weather, lighting, whatever events or meetings they had to attend, she would stop whatever she was doing just to dance with him.
izuru could have declined, seeing as how she would not be able to get the upper hand on him. however, the idea of what this all could lead to intrigued him enough to keep going.
every day was a different kind of dance. junko would decide which dance they would do the day before, giving the two time to practice or get the hang of what they were doing. then they would meet up at that same, old, dusty theater and dance on it’s stage. they performed to no one but themselves.

the elements could and would always reach them there. the theater’s roof had fallen down way before they reached the place. mold had grown into the old carpeting, giving homes to insects from all over. occasionally, a stray, malnourished animal would wonder there, flinching at the sight of the despairs. luckily, izuru knew what to do to take care of it.
the stage, despite everything around it, stayed mostly intake. perhaps junko had fixed it up, perhaps it was a miracle. izuru didn’t really care, since just from a glance, he could see that the stage would last for many more days to come.

the red sky stared at him today. it was raining; this almost filled him with concealed annoyance, if it weren’t for the fact he couldn’t feel. his suit was now wet, along with his long hair that would continue to get in his face all day.
he wasn’t told what dance they would do today. junko had only smiled that fake, overly happy smile of hers and walked off, probably to mess with mikan or servant again.
so today he was unprepared.
despite trying to connect the dots in his head, he couldn’t quite figure out what the would be doing today. that... feeling of confusion brought forth another emotion.

junko waved at him from the stage, a long poll in hand. it was bloodied, probably from smashing monokuma’s and random civilians on her way here. she hollered at him as he finally figures out this wave of emotion creeping up his spine.

he was excited.
and now he remembers why he helped junko in the first place.
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Re: Phrog Fics

Unread post by phrogtm » Wed Apr 21, 2021 12:07 am

red reminded him of humanity. it was a very humane color.

it ran through his veins, connecting to his thoughts.

it leaked from all their appendages, spreading disease. despair ate away at the color, expanding and contracting as it overtook them.

and so red became despair.
and red became lonely.

it spread it's wings and flew above itself, finding something a bit more sincere than it knew.

humanity, too compact and lively, could not reach the blue skies above; red, desperate, named this inhumane peace hope.

hope did not like the desperate, and so the blue came down to wash over the cries of humanity. their screams would quiet as hope soon followed it's cleanse.

despair weeps at him, for he was it's son - they were all it's sons. he can do nothing, however, as he watches red freeze over, it's lips trembling, as unnatural peace takes it over.

hope, while silent, was dangerous; he saw it now. he saw the complete stillness of his land. he saw the cold stare hope gave him as he too started to shiver.

tranquility was quick to settle in as he too went out like a weak flame, leaving blue alone in it's new home.

unlike despair, however, hope was not one to get lonely.
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Re: Phrog Fics

Unread post by phrogtm » Wed Apr 28, 2021 11:57 pm

i fall in line quite easily for someone barely even able to limp through life.
you sprint, hurdles never stopping you, as you pass me again and again.

i can see the difference between us now: while slow, i run in my own lane while you speed through the others.

it all bores you, doesn't it?
you've passed me so many times.

but i do not grow bored of seeing you go, for i take in the world around me.

your life might be grey and passing you by but mine is vibrant and lively.

run with me, kamukura-kun. maybe one day you will learn to slow down.
one day you will rest.
one day the sun might finally reach you.

it is all so despairing, isn't it?
to realize that while you breathe, you have never truly lived?

have you seen the stars, my hope? have you truly seen?
the way they come out at night to bathe you in their heavenly gift?
have you?

these thoughts take me as you run by me another time.

only this time, you look back and finally, for the first time-

hello there, kamukura.
i am so happy to have finally met you.
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Re: Phrog Fics

Unread post by phrogtm » Thu May 06, 2021 10:07 pm

copy and pasted from ao3 so sorry the spacing is weird.



his kamukura izuru.

why must you torment him this way?

laughter threatens him, making sworn promises as it lies just behind his teeth. you can sense his discomfort, i am sure- so why is he still here?

why is it you hold him this way? speak to him this way? look at him this way?

his fragile heart can not take it.

komaeda’s soul rests on its knees, clutching at the being of yours; it prays to you, begging for this to end. this inner turmoil he experiences will only bore you. get in the way. you know this, do you not?

why is it he still wishes for more?

why is it, after all this time, you still don't kiss him?

your very presence scares him at times. a look into your eyes and komaeda can already see what it is you know.

so much. you know so much.

it is no matter, whether you can see his worried expression or not. he can feel your arm tighten around his waist, almost daring him to try and leave. you know. you know.

yet you do nothing.

komaeda wishes to kill you at times.

your talents are not real, your hope artificial.

that is what he wishes to say to you: "how dare you mock hope? your mere existence is a mockery to it all."

however, it would make no difference. and besides-

in a world of despair, can such hope even be considered fake?

your eyes close as you come to realize he’s stopped resisting. he gets tired so easily nowadays; his bones creak at the slightest of movements, showing his age and wither. you will be gone soon, his joints whisper, as they craze.

komaeda is.

so tired.

his kamukura never truly sleeps, instead, you listen in on the secrets of the wind as you feign innocence. your heart is steady but your senses are razor-sharp; komaeda has cut himself so many times on those sharp edges. it is now an expected dance you two partake in.

komaeda leaves with touch, you with control.



your komaeda nagito.

predictable, needy, and always serving.

surely it is ok? to treat yourself to simplicity?

komaeda's love wraps you in a warm blanket.

it is as boring as predicted.

but you cling onto it anyway, knowing there will soon be a day where this is gone.

soon be a day where you are alone.

how. boring.
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Re: Phrog Fics

Unread post by phrogtm » Thu May 20, 2021 2:24 pm

repost from AO3 :')


<333 night izuru!!

his hands shook slightly before he put the phone down, taking a deep breath. it was late, around 12am in the morning when izuru realized that his feelings might be a bit more than he could take.

it didn’t feel different from any other friendship he had had, it was just that...

pulling his pillow from under his head, izuru groans into it, annoyed. feelings were oh so difficult; he wishes there was some sort of way to switch them off and pretend he didn’t need anything the world had to offer. then he could work on his goals or at least get somewhere in his life. instead, he was currently a stupid college student with terrible back pain and, now, apparently feelings for some online friend he had only known for half a year.

was that enough time for feelings to blossom? maybe he should be a bit more careful with this. after all, he had thought he was aromantic after all these years of no crushes, dates, or partners. izuru brings a hand to his chest before dropping it onto his stomach, turning his head to glare at his phone.

stupid feelings, stupid stupid feelings.


izuru knew that one thing was true, despite not being able to pinpoint what exactly it was he was feeling.

he liked nagito.

he liked nagito a lot.

nagito was sweet, kind, funny, caring, and was most things that people never were around izuru.

maybe he was just being clingy, but izuru couldn’t help but smile whenever a message from him came up on his phone. he couldn’t help but give a small laugh at their jokes. and he couldn’t help but wish to combust whenever he was told he was loved, that nagito loved him and that he was one of his closest friends.

he couldn’t help it all.

and so izuru went to sleep with his face hidden in his pillow, trying and failing to get a grasp on his emotions.


goodnight nagito.

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Re: Phrog Fics

Unread post by phrogtm » Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:30 am

copy and pasted from ao3 :"P spacing is weird sorry
tw for self hatred and like wishing to not be alive on the last line h. like it's just one line but be safe yall.

Did he feel?

He had always thought not, that he was only what others wished for him to be.

Emotionless. in power. hopeful.

But, with Komaeda... it felt like he could. Feel, that is.

Komaeda looked up to him. Komaeda worshipped him.

And he couldn't be what the other wanted.


At first, it wasn't much; the feeling.

It was a small twinge of... something.

Komaeda ignored him when he was asked to leave. He would mumble.

Komaeda would smile in that carefree way; why was he so carefree?

Izuru would wish to be alone, his wish unanswered.

Then it was more. It grew. And it confused him.

Komaeda would compare himself to trash and look at him, expectingly.

He would stay silent; this took all his will.

Why would Izuru care? If Komaeda thought himself to be lowly?

He didn't. He couldn't.

He didn't want to care, he shouldn't care; why was he caring?

His throat felt raw.

Komaeda always seemed to look disappointed afterward.

It hurt so much.

Komaeda started to notice.

It felt like the luckster was doubting his ability; "Is this truly the hope I was looking for? This unruly force?"

No, it wasn't. Komaeda's hope didn't exist.

Please leave now...

Komaeda never left, despite his efforts.

Despite the luckster's doubts.

Izuru felt so small compared to this feeling.


He just wanted to be alone again.

Komaeda's love... no, admiration, was too much.

Komaeda saw it as helping.

How could this ever help him?

What did he want from him?

"Hope was an absolute force of good."

Was he good?

The feelings began to burst, that day.

Komaeda compared him to the sun; a star.

He almost agreed, nodded, continued on with the ache.

"I don't think i've said this, kamukura-san, but..."

He can't think of those last few words.

He doesn't want this.

Why did it hurt so much?

Wasn't this supposed to be a positive thing? This attention? Adoration?


"Excuse me?"

"Don't love me."

"Are you ok? Kamukura-san, we can stop walking and sit down if you-"

"No. I want you to leave. Stop. Just- stop, please."

"...Ah. I knew it. I shouldn't have thought you would wish to be around scum like m-"

"NO- I mean, it's not. That. I just..."

Just what?

Why was this so frustrating?

Having someone love you?

Did he love komaeda back?

What if he did?

Would they date? No?

How did this all work?

Why is it that this simple feeling was what stumped him?

Was there even a name for what he felt?

"...I just never asked for this."

"Asked for what?"

"...You. I don't understand... why you're still here..."

"...What do you even want from me?"

Did he hate himself?

He never pondered it.

He knew he was smart.



But knowing that doesn't mean he loved himself.

He cared for komaeda.


It's so hard to know these things when you weren't taught to.

He wishes he were dead.
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