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Re: Dream's You've Had

Unread post by Karasu » Sat May 04, 2019 11:06 pm

every single dream that i had, that i can remember up to date is either extremely weird or just flat out creepy and violent. even if i was a generally happy dream, there would always be some kind of tone of uneasiness/anxiety/tragedy.

the uncanny flow of time in my dreams, feel really real, but I'm always un-aware/not in control yet in my body during the dreams. my dreams usually last several hours but average around several days in dreamland. sleep really screws with my perception of time in reality fully honest. and i actually hate sleep flat out sometimes.

mildly creepy- in a way- read at your own risk
i do remember this one recurring dream, from when i was maybe 4 or 5, that i had again maybe a year or two ago. it took place in my hometown, where i was searching for a relative- my mother? i was in my 4/5 year old body again, and i remember vividly that there was nobody in the street i was wandering.
then i somehow got into a large shopping mall crowded with many many people. over 1000 people from what i can remember. then i walked up the escalator, and as i was walking midway through to the top level of the mall. ( highlight if you want to read mildly disturbing stuff i saw my mother plummet down to the pavement below. i don't remember much afterwards, but i remember that, on the first night i had this dream when i was 4/5, i remember that when i woke up, my mom told me that i was crying in my sleep.

it was the only time i've ever cried in my sleep.
now that i had the dream again 1/2 years ago, there wasn't much that changed, but its a scarily same dream from all those years ago. This is actually one of the most peaceful dreams i've had honestly.
someone tell me what my dream means iamo
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Re: Dream's You've Had

Unread post by Misty » Wed May 08, 2019 8:39 am

I got banned from SF? Then I PMed Cas on CS and she unbanned me
idk what happened tbh XD
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