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Re: LGBTQ+ Chat

Unread post by Mistfox » Sat Jul 20, 2019 8:53 pm

I’m a lesbian but nearly everyone thinks I’m bi because last year I pretended to have a huge crush on my friend Jack. It was mostly a joke, I was way to open about it though and now I regret it because people are confused when I correct them. My mum doesn’t believe me and if I even mention a guy she starts asking what I think of him and kinda smiling weirdly. It doesn’t help that on somedays I’m a bit biromantic and it messes with me a lot. My granny Pat has really old fashioned views on LGBTQ+ and it’s kinda stressful because I have to go to her house a lot and i’m just kinda sitting there feeling really uncomfortable for hours because she doesn’t know and it’s just...A mess.

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Re: LGBTQ+ Chat

Unread post by gabrielle » Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:31 pm

i FEEL that, girl. my dad is so homophobic and close minded because he’s from a small town. about 4 years ago, he searched through my phone and found out i was bi by reading through my text messages. he scared me so badly. saying that i couldn’t be gay. that i didn’t understand what it meant. how disappointed he was. how disappointing i was.

so i’ve been pretending to be straight for the past four years. saying that he was right and that i’m ashamed. i’m not ashamed. i used to be, but not anymore. i just need to find a place where i can express that now.

he doesn’t really trust me as much as he used to and he always makes sure to point out his discontentment with lgbt+ issues.

sorry this sorta turned into a rant but idk i kind of went off mentally just then.
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