I can’t _____. Can you?

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Re: I can’t _____. Can you?

Unread post by Jake » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:39 pm

I can't either, I don't even trust myself with knives much anyways OnO, I'm clumsy...

I can't stand board games, can you?
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Re: I can’t _____. Can you?

Unread post by Oblivion » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:59 am

yes, I love most board games!

I can't stand when a picture frame is uneven, can you?
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Re: I can’t _____. Can you?

Unread post by gabrielle » Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:30 pm

i have a whole bunch of canvases hanging in my room and they’re all uneven, but FRAMES? no, i can’t stand that

i can’t do a british accent, can you?
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